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The Company Tecnospazzola Fiorentina Snc, was founded in 1945 with initial name “Spazzolificio Conti Bruno”, in the historical centre of Florence, where were located all the most particular workshops.

The company began its business with the production of bruses for toilette items, destinated to the best Florentine silver cabinets, but, considering the high request of brushes for the industrial applications, thanking to the initiative of the son Marco, the production enlarged to the brushes destinated to the technical sector.

The experience and the professionalism, handed down from generation to generation, allowed, over the years, to include in the customers, some of the world's largest manufacturers of machinery carton and packaging for the food industry.

Due to logistical and production exigencies, in 2005 the company moved into the actual plant, in Rifredi, at about 4km from the A1 Highway, having a strategic position for those are coming from outside.